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Jan. 31, 2020

5 Reasons Homeowners in Rhode Island Throw Better Parties During the Big Game


        5 Reasons Homeowners Throw Better Parties During the Big Game [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM



Some Highlights:

  • There’s more room to entertain a large crowd.

  • The kitchen is big enough to whip up endless appetizers – yum!

  • You don’t have to worry about complaints to your landlord when the cheering kicks in!



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Jan. 10, 2020

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

                National Cut Your Energy Costs Day [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM




Some Highlights:

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Jan. 3, 2020

Top Renovations for Maximum ROI When Selling Your Home in Rhode Island


        Top Renovations for Maximum ROI [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM




Some Highlights:

  • If you’re planning on selling your house in 2020, these are the top renovations that will give you the highest Return on your Investment.

  • Regardless of how long you’re planning on staying in your current home, it’s ...

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Dec. 24, 2019

When a House Becomes Your Happy Home


        When a House Becomes a Happy Home | MyKCM




We talk a lot about why it makes financial sense to buy a home, but more often than not we’re drawn to the emotional reasons for homeownership.

No matter the size or shape of a living space, the feeling ...

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Dec. 18, 2019

Easy holiday season safety tips

Shopping, cooking, crackling fires and twinkling lights – all essential elements of the winter holiday season. It’s a time of celebration and, often, distraction. All of those essential elements can turn into hazards when we let our guard down. With knowledge and planning, however, they don’t have to be.

For ...

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